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Building Boys and Guiding Girls

I grew up with two brothers and a sister. My parents always emphasized that we should love one another and not fight--which was easier said than done. Now with my own children I understand what they meant. Having three boys and one girl I daily see myself in my little ones.

To my daughter: Be strong, confident, and observant
To my boys: Be vigilant, compassionate, and courageous

One day a few weeks ago my daughter who is in the third grade came home and said that a boy in her class had threatened her and some friends on the playground. She told me he said something around the lines of, "blow their heads off with a gun." How do we as parents not panic at talk like this? Needless to say she told her teacher who then reported the child to the principal. There was never any information sent home on this matter and I would have remained in the dark had my daughter not felt the seriousness of the matter to tell me. How would you respond?

Let's Get This Started

Being a mom of four kiddos is no easy task! Especially in this day and age, it is so hard to talk to my children about the issues that we, as African Americans, face on a daily basis. My focus for this year is to have open conversations with my children on social issues to hear their opinion, their ideas for the future, as well as get them to start thinking about the path that lays ahead.. Join me :)